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Back form the dead, so,um here's some recreational crap. Just messing with coloring styles.

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oh I hate this weenie, but you did a great job!

"Being a good fiend is like being a photographer, you have to search for the right moment!" - Prince Vegeta

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Okay, first off - before I begin a critical no-mercy analysis, I want to openly say that I adore this - not just because it's of the Riddler, whom in and of himself I whole-heartedly adore. It's the way you've captured the essence of his character in pose, expression, and even the mood of the piece. On top of that, you used the Batman: The Animated Series version of Mr. Nygma, which seems a bit under appreciated at times.

Now, for the roasting.

Honestly, there isn't any blaringly obviously flaws in this, or even any more subtle ones. The line-art is done quite well and flows nicely. I suppose that looking at it closer, it does stand out ever so slightly that the hand he's holding his cane with is very, very, very slightly out of proportion (bigger, rather than smaller). This could, however, be more of a problem with portraying space on that arm, so defining the extension of the arm toward the viewer via darkening the shading to define the space a bit more could fix that up. The other thing I noticed was the way that the tie appears to be bent out ... and then hang limply at the bottom. This flow of action is somewhat unnatural, but only because it seems to be the only part of him or his attire which is currently in motion (at least, high-ish motion). Generally, it would simply hang loosely down, no sticking-out involved. A last idea: It would be interesting to cast a dark shadow onto the white gray-scaled background you've got behind him, giving it - again - more space, and presence, and tying it all together more.

And ... um ... I honestly am failing to find anything else. Really. Truly. The coloring technique you used works very well, and altogether, this piece is a fantastic use of B:TAS's relatively-simplistic style.

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