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Though she be not the prettiest in the sea, She does have something to offer.... fish... she can cook a mean fishstick. It's love.

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eww this chick is nasty! your good at drawing nasty freaky stuff, lol! great pic, I really like the idea of some demon coming out of an animal like this, it's too weird

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This is beautiful, Zac! I love the expression on her face - it looks like a challenge. Fishsticks you say? Oooh, I'd be her friend, too!

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OMGZ! <3<3<3<3<3!!! So awzome! I love lotz! I just don no what to say! Itz jus zoo0o0o0o0o0 awzome man! :bardock: o.o !!!

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oooo your right, she may not look pretty, but this is an awsome drawing! Smile good job!!

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Im amazed by the ideas of drawing you have! I love it Zacula, flawless to me !

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Holy crap Zac! This is awesome! It looks so creepy! I love it nice job Favorite Great job!!


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