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He happened upon her by chance. He guessed it was the explosion and then the swearing that drew him in. Piles of parts where strewn about the place and his foot became acquainted with a very heavy motor on the floor. "What on earth are you up to?" he asked, barely suppressing his contempt for the rusty motor. She looked up from grimy goggles, smiled and exclaimed "Unicorns" But unicorns aren't real he retorted . "Ah but my good fellow in this day in age if you can dream it you can BUILD it.I am in the business of building dreams. Behold Gearshift my horse, he always wanted to be special.""Are the brass boots to help with landing?"" Oh no those where his idea. He thought they would look cool."

For Brigid, the steampunkiest person I know Smile This started out as a joke but I got talked into making it a reality.

Done from scratch in Photoshop with a Cintiq

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This is a gorgeous piece. The colourwork is excellent and fits perfectly with the subject choice. Very original take on the pegasus.

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