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Lady Chimera

One of my most popular pics to date and from another lineart I got from .

She drew it in pencil on paper, and I cged it in PS Ele. 2.0.

And that is Dosu and him in the photo.

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Ah the ever lonely looking solo guitar player Smile
Very reminisant of the Gorillaz. Simple, browny colours don't distract you from the subject (the player) which is good. Interesting perspective. Nice detail on the hair.
I like his expression: really looks like he's lost in his song. I have a room mate that looks exactly the same when he's practising. Big Smile

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words cant describe how awesome this is

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This is sooo awesome the perspective in here rocks!!

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Zaku looks awesome. It takes some real creativity to come up with something like this. Way to go! This is definately going to my favorites list. Bounce

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this is such a "perfect" picture.
very beautiful.
<3, NAH

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So awsome! Big Smile

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Wow, that's really awesome. Cool pic!

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Omg that is so friggin cool.The drawing itself rocks, so congrats to the atrist of it. But you really made it come to life with the colors. So awesome. Great job!!

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OOoohh, I love the perspective. Big Smile Favorite Instantly.

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