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Completed: Sep 30, 2008

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Poison Ivy, from Batman. She's always been a favourite character of mine, especially with her 'earth mother' attitude in the past few years. A character with great depth and potential, often wasted with crappy writers, but she occasionally shines with a good writer or two...much like Batman himself.

Ink and watercolours.


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OH MY GOOOOD LOVE HER! totaly the best version of ivy i have ever seen. shes so pretty but dangerious at the same time. i love her leaves,especally the ones on her arms. i soooo want sleves like that. this is geordgious! Heart

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Oh this is stunning! I absolutely love the coloring, you handled the watercolors beautifully. Ivy is almost ethereal in this piece. Big Smile I love it. ^^


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Lovely picture overall. The soft watercolors really make it work!

There's a certain elegance about her that's just gorgeous, plus a sort of corset thing going *_*

Beautifully done!

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Lovely Ivy ^^ She comes across too sexual orientated as a character cause she uses the pheromone lipstick too much. She was used ok in Hush last I saw, but normally, she's a vixen. Catwoman gets alot more depth consistently. I think Ivy needs some new background to play with before she becomes a viable character again. They're losing plot elements to write about her I feel Sad

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Very pretty. Love the colors. Great job!

"Give her hell, Peeves." from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix


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