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Tags: fantasy, woman, man, female, couple, male, lovers, historical, rivals, enemies


Completed: Oct 1, 2008

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Another commission down. These two were from an old Robin Hood RP between myself and Ruthie. Guy of Gisbourne meeting up with her girl Fayth. Pretty close to the actual RP with a sprinkle more of 'dude-in-distress' for amusement's sake.

Guy of Gisbourne (this design) (c) me

Fayth (c) R. Collins

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You already know I love this. Hah, it inspired me to go back and read our RH logs and everything. Big Smile Definitely faving it of course, and thanks so much for a really fantastic commission as always. *love*

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Oooh, this looks really good! Great work! Smile


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