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Completed: Oct 2, 2008

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I did the drawing for this a long while back and always wanted to see it finished.  So I got bored and decided to add the colors.  So after about two years of sitting in my sketch files, here it is.  This little family is part of a race of cat-people that I created called the Felara.  From left to right - Venara, Massik, Faetala, Narrisk, Ketan, Natania.  They belong to me and my friend Lee, from an RP we had a lot of fun with.  It's always a challenge for me to draw kids especially at varying ages, so I hope I did all right.

Artwork, Venara, Faetala, Ketan, Natania, and Felara Race © Ruth A. Collins

Massik and Narrisk © L. Mynatt

The background is a photograph I took of the Colorado National Monument from up on Glade Park, using a PS filter to make it look more painty and less photograph like.

DO NOT use, copy, alter, or distribute (this includes MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) without my expressed permission.

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Heehee, I can't believe you finally finished! Man, it's been forever since we got to play with our felara, hasn't it? I still love our original play though.

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omg! I thought this was a REALLY old one... but it looks freakn' awesome!!! so well worth the wait <33333

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Very nice, I really love the costumes.

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