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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Fantasy Finished Work Portraits

Tags: dbz, dragon ball z, raditz, dbss


Completed: Nov 17, 2008

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Ok, I think this one's going to be done for now.  XD  I've made so many changes to this one (see my WIPs) that it's nearly to the point of over-working; however, I'm much happier with the cropping and shading on this version, and it's more similar to my traditional media in techniques.

This is a portrait of Raditz from my fan fiction, "Dragon Ball SS."  I think I captured his sleeping expression pretty well and the overall portrait says what I want it to say.  Smile

Adobe Photoshop CS3 over a course of days.

NOW WITH EYEBROWS!  LOL, Thank you, Dumas.  XD  The things I overlook...

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