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i was hesitant about drawing this, since i had nothing to refur to so i had to do it all by memory and i NEVER want to mess up on Sessy! that would be bad! well, i hope it turned out ok and that it dosnt look too slanted...

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You got the fluffiness right ,that;s for sure.

Dead lands.

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yays! puppy dog sesshy! Very cute, nice job!

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You did this strictly from MEMORY?! O.O! Then I applaud you. Sweat Drop I'm lucky I can remember my name. Slant So more power to ya. Nice job!

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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This is pretty good! Nice job

"...Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal and put them on a boat and beat the crap out of them! And from that point forward any time a bunch of animals were together it's called a 'Zoo'!"

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