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Yes, this is Pretty Hate Machine and he's a re-done, re-touched and re-colored piece of an older pencil draw I did almost three years ago. It was originally colored in Open Canvas using my mouse, but always thought I could do better. After two more attempts, this be it, hehe.


A very canon, Lord Sesshomaru.  Smile


BTW, I own nada thing, nor do I make money from nadathing! Innocent



ALL of the works and content on this gallery are under copyright law (2006-2011). Full rights exclusive to the artist - myself. <i>No one</i> can use any of the art, fiction, pictures, etc. for layouts, blogs, papers, magazines, websites, television, myspace, banners, designs, posters, CD, books etc. without first gaining written permission from myself.

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Awww, pretty, Onna! Lucient will love it. Smile

Account Closed.

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Heck yes!! This gets better and better with every touch up!

My Goddess!! You totally Rock!!

"There is nothing more delicious than writing the first words to a story.." Beatrix Potter

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He came really good! I like how you retouched it. Big Smile

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