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Devils Courtesan

'The emotion drives him to insanity and beyond. The transformation of good to evil, rough and unforgiving. Tied to his sins, until the change hath been completed. The Demons have found him again..'

The stage between Hybrid's normal state and his Super state. He has to be chained down, for other's safety. In order for Hybrid to transform into Super Hybrid he must allow all his hatred and jealousy to cover his rational mind completely. All this of course, directed towards Sonic himself.

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This is a very great picture, i love how you made this picture i love everything about it...!

Gangnam style

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Awesome sonic pic! Dance

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wow..this is impressive! I love it!

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Big Smile thats awesome!

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Wait, isn't this Sonic the Hedgehog fanart? If so, please move it from the "Original Gallery" into the "Other Fanart" gallery


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