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Don't believe I've posted Isabella here before...


This is actually a redraw of a pic I did late last year. The improvement is pretty striking. Changed the style, too, from sort of a generic quasi-comic look to something much more art nouveau inspired. Go google Alphonse Mucha. I *love* his work.

The fair lady pictured here is Isabella Tyler. Remember Asher, the blond skypirate captain? Well, he's a roving, restless sailor, he's not settling down. Neither is Isabella, for that matter - she runs a "house of indulgences" and isn't terribly interested in monogamy at this point in her life. But those two do keep coming back to each other, whenever Asher makes port in her town.

I love them as a pair because they are pure visual contrast. Asher is tall and blond and skinny; Isabella is dark-haired and on the short side and as curvy as they come.


(I don't usually do pinups, but with a character like Isabella, it's hard to resist.)

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Lovely picture! Has a bit of an art nouveau feel to it ^^

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Your work is nothing short of lovely. I'm so sad I never found you before!!

This piece is wonderfully soothing. She's calm, self-confident, and just a tad coy, methinks. You've pulled off the character extraordinarily well. :nod:

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This is really great. Especially up close. The small details really shine, and she is stunning. Sounds like an interesting storyline too! Wink


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