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Tags: scar, killer, alchemy, alchemist


Completed: Sep 5, 2005

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Commission for Neo-dragon.

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Scar is awesome. xD And you put so much detail into this, I absolutely love it. I love the way you really made those symbols glow.

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I think the glowing arm is just superb.

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This is pretty sweet. The atmosphere and expression are great

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Dayum!!! You made Scar very, very Scarry LOL. I love the way there is dust swirling around him. GREAT JOB!

The greatest story ever written.




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Kick ass!

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Hey, I think I got this pic in my favs list on DA^_^*scratches head*Anyway awsome job.

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Woo, this is awesome!!
I just sit in the frontof the computer, and staring my new wallpaper(thispic.)
Awesome. Thatsall .. i love it!!^^

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Simply amazing. This is sooo detailed. Awesome! Terrific! The lighting is spectacular and I love how you made his arm glow. It's really good. Keep up the great work. I love Scar. Heart Embarrassed Heart

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man, i put this pic. on my fav. list, and i'm amazed EVERY time i see it. You have my respect. However a detail on the trasmutation circle, there is a flaw that the viewers probably wouldn't notice. The centerpice is too large. It sat between the bottom and top line. But personally, I wouldn't change it for any reason. like steve-o once said "That is a Damn good shoe!". (in this case, a drawing.) Thumbs Up

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This is awesome! You did a great job with the coloring. Phototshop right?

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