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"Fig're that explains the bangin' sounds, then. See the left coil?"
"The coppery bit what's shaped like an S?"
"What about it?"
"Supposed to be shaped like an L."

This was a commission. People should commission me to draw my own characters more often, cause holy crap it was FUN.

Don't worry, Louie'll get it straightened out soon enough. She's a heck of a mechanic.

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Love the expressions on the both of them. The redhead's such a cutie too~

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I don't know to even begin explaining to you how charming this is.

I just love itttt.

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Grease splotches!

This looks great! It does look like you had fun with the expressions and shadows.

What are they underneath, though? The shadow seems too narrow for a car...

'Normal' is merely a polite term for boring.

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