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Tags: bishounen, earth, god


Completed: Mar 30, 2009

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Since, I got way too many artwork to post, I'll post most recents artwork instead. 

Ever wonder, who watches us? A Bishie, that's who! haha

Completed: March 30, 2009

Earth (c) lish-stock
Earth Stock:

I took one of my old sketches, I never really finished, and colored it on Gimp and Opencanvas.

I used one fabric pattern, from here: for the hood cape, if you can notice it.

The sketch:

Yeah, you can say he's original since he isn't based on any anime or manga, or anything.

You might can call him a god, or a being that watches the earth, an alien? Maybe. Whatever you want to believe, that is fine. ^^

Thanks for looking. 




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