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"L'Oreal - because he's worth it."

This is Saionji - looking very young an sweet compared to the harsh reality. His skin is supposed to be dark but it does not look like it is in this picture. This work is about 1 - 1½ year old at the moment.

I practiced drawing muscles of the torso when I was doing this. I was really proud when I finished it. It felt like I had improved a lot. What I like most in this picture is the expression. I don't know why since the face and head area aren't that great.

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This is a very beautiful work! I love the flow of his hair, just beautiful! Corky Smile

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It's totally his hair that i'm looking at.

Big Smile

There are FOUR lights! 

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Your satisfaction is important to me. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you or provide for you on PaperDemon.

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Dear me, very nice. Very nice indeed. Who is this guy? He's yours?

Anyway, yes good work! I love the way you drew this all soft and ephemeral...like he's dissapearing in the mist. I'm envious of his hair...what does he use...L'oréal huh! Joking aside, I like his face but I think the eyes are too stiff, they lack something...a light?

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