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Iris, one of my novel characters.
In this painting she's a mage apprentice, and she's choosing the place where erect her wonderful golden city. The dragon is her companion, a hybrid of grey/white dragon.

She's wearing her mourning clothes for the death of her master, also a god. From this time she will search the recipe for reach the immortality...

** Sepia Ink, Watercolours, graphite pencil & white gouache.

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This is sooo beautiful and I love the colors and tenderness <3 Amazing work ^^

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I've always wondered how people can paint like this; straight from imagination and onto the paper, you must be SUPER gifted. This is amazing I LOVE the dragon especially.

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Wow. Nicely done. I really like how you rendered the dragon.


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This is beautiful, your dragon is elegant (if dragons can be elegant, but I am convinced). Iris' mourning outfit provides a wonderful focal point and the scenery is very lush. I still love the dragons and admire the effort and detail, especially the bauble shapes around her eyes. This is very vivid, and would make a wonderful front cover.

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Beautiful work! Corky Smile

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