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Tags: gothic, goth, dark, raven


Completed: May 18, 2005

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I made this picture as a cover for a book someone was writing, but he decided not to go with it...
Luckily, I have other places to show it

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all i can say is WOW!!! O.O! 'tis beautiful. automatic fav... and as for the person who didn't want it for thier book... shame on them... I'm tempted to steal it for myself ^^ kidding, but really, I love it, I can't tell you how much.


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This painting has strong movement and flow. She is very elegant.

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What a doofus....I'd have jumped on that like white on rice.

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Ohhhhh! I absolutely love this one, the girl is so delicate and the proportion are just perfect. The background is running out of qualifying adjectives...

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*grin* Here it is again! I saw some of your pictures in our new works section, and thought "oh, those look nice" then of course, I see this one and it clicks. Laughing Our two covers had such very different modds/styles to them, it's odd to think of them with the same title.

This is such a beautiful rendition - you already know I think so. Wink

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omg I love this one. I love the black in her hair and how it matches with the crow. I love the background and the moon on her and in the sky I really like this. Nicely done Smile Favorite


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OH MY GOD! I love her and the raven! and her dress is cool too

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