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I remember when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, it was so often accused of being 'the devil's game' by the ignorant; I read something recently that put forth the suggestion that it was only so because video games weren't sufficiently advanced enough to be accused of being satanic yet! So, tongue planted firmly in cheek, I decided to do this picture.

You'll note that my demons in my worldview are Milton's type, who don't feud with each other. But this is just a goofy comedy picture, after all!

Devil: Look, the dice don't lie! Just take your damage and sit down.

Devil #2: My character sheet says --

Devil: Who went and bought this module? Who spent all week getting it workable? Whose snacks are you always eating? Me, that's who!!

Succubus: Are you guys gonna argue all night? I'm gonna get a beer. You two want one?

Devil #2: Man...

Or something like that. Wink


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My brother played DnD back in the early days when a lot of people were saying it was the devil's game. So silly.
This is a great parody of that!


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This sorta looks courtroom ^^ Wouldn't it be awesome if all court cases had shirtless/naked men yelling at each other like this? ^^

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