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This is a piece that, like most of my strictly art nouveau pieces, took a song to bring out. The piece is, of course, named after the song.

I tried to do something different this time, something rather...subtly magical with my demonic designs.

Note that he is a he, with narrow hips and an absence of busoms.

I'm slowly edging myself, through baby steps, to doing something new and different and yet familiar and similar with my digital works. There's still a distinct difference, though, with the way I approach digital and non-digital works.

In any case, thanks to the brilliant green for 'Tsumetai Hana'. It's written on the piece, and it means 'cold flower'.

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great design-really striking!

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This is so beautiful, I love all the blue and the rose is gorgeous as well as the expression ^^ Great work here.

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I'm not familiar with the song but I can see the art nouveau influence here. Nice work.


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