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Galleries: Finished Work InuYasha PhotoShop Portraits Teen Female (14-19)


Completed: Jul 29, 2009

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He hasn’t even been in her apartment yet, let alone her bedroom, but that doesn’t mean he can’t mentally fill in the necessary blanks at least enough to give her a backdrop more colorful and befitting of her personality than the bedroom he’ll likely never see her in after tonight…

A little illustration for It’s Late, though even I know not what Kagura’s living arrangements are, and this looks like nothing in Sesshoumaru’s penthouse… not to mention the closest thing they’ve had to a sexual encounter is Sesshoumaru happening upon Kagura in various situations, and states of undress. Anyone who has read the story I’m sure remembers that night at the club? Twas a memorable night… yes indeed. ^_^ I know I’d never forget a vision even close to this. *Reowr*

Kagura (C) Rumiko Takahashi

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