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... or rather, somewhere at the end of it.

I was feeling pretty depressed, being trapped in art school and all. So I decided to ressurect my childhood, beat it with a stick, and leave it in a ditch to die. Thus the emofication began.

It's pretty obvious what happened to the Tin Man if you take a look at the dismembered head in the corner. He died. It's sort of a mystery how it happened, but the important thing is that you know what happened.

As for the Scarecrow, do you see that flaming garbage can of death? Nuff said.

"B-but! The Cowardly Lion looks happy!"

Yeah. That's because he's about to eat Toto. You know, that dog that looks like a cat.

As for Dorothy, she's either pissed that her posse just up and died or she's sitting there looking GANGSTA because she's the one who killed them. You decide.

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I love this. 8D I love the colors, and the swirly clouds, and Emerald City peeking through in the background. The interpretations of the characters/the new mood given to the world is very catching. It works really well as an emotional piece.

Also? Cowardly Lion is adorbs, eating Toto or not. 8D

they see me herpin' derpy.

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haha i enjoy this one!


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Hey, if you're interested, I know a shrink who has a half-price special on Tuesdays.

Just kidding... actually I quite like this. Just enough angst! Evil

You're never too old to have a happy childhood.

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