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folder icon Black Tears Russian mafiya group created by Marourin on Y!gallery. 
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Galleries: Finished Work General Human Original Art Young Adult Male (20-40)


Completed: unknown

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Finished. I hate the background. A lot. This is the problem with making the background an after thought, though I hadn't planned on doing one anyways.

Randall says something he shouldn't about Gianni's sister and Guido doesn't really like it when anyone but him roughs up on his lawyer. Fistacuffs ensue.

Headshots (the only things I really like other than the sidewalk and the way Randall's body is sprawled): One, Two and Three

Gianni (redhead), Guido Valentino (knife) are mine
Randall is Megu's

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Ahaha. I hate doing backgrounds too.
Very interesting tension in this piece. Also, I'm in love with Guido's hair here. It looks awesome.

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