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Sha Agate... not one of my favourites, but 'tis all right, I suppose...

This could be a future chapter picture, perhaps, as it was done in that sort of fashion. I have done alot of editing over time on this one, such as originally Sha's face was not quite painted well enough, so I re-painted her face and after some time, completely changed around all the colours (dress, lace, background and so forth) as the original colouring had been used as a backdrop on my laptop during a bad time period (laptop virus, internet drama and real life illness) so the original colours were quite depressing because of those bad memories.

The re-coloured version looks more Irish now, given her dress, and the picture now reminds me of listening to Yellowcard (Ocean Avenue) and System of a Down (Hypnotize).

~Al 'Pris' Holmes

Sha Agate is from Magicus Quest, an online Gothic Fantasy graphic novel by Celestial Time Miracles Studios.

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