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My first FullMetal Alchemist fanart. Done in crayola colored pencils. ^^

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Wow, the hair is so perfect here! I'm jealous ^_^

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Omg great coloring i love the shades! PERFECT!!! Big Smile

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omg, this is so well drawn & colored it's hard to believe it was colored in colored pencils! good job! Yes

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Your artwork always...ALWAYS catches my eye. ^ ^ The color is so wonderful it is hard to beleive it was done in colored pencil. For all us admirers of your glory, do you think you could make a quick coloring tutorial? Pretty please? Innocent

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I love his hair too! Laughing

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Ya know, of the fan-arts you've got, this one really blinds my eyes lol. The coloring on Ed's hair is SO vibrantly GOLDEN, it's hard to believe it's done in colored pencils with as much color-osity this has to it LOL. And since I can have a favorites gallery on here for your artwork (unlike Otaku -_-) I'm puttin' this in my favorites XD yaa! lol

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Omg the coloring on that is great!! Beautiful work!! Big Smile

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