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Completed: Sep 27, 2005

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This is the very first time I have EVER drawn Vash from Trigun. I did this as a gift for Chris (BamboozledByAnime) because he has been having a tough time lately with all the hurricanes and whatnot hitting his home state of Louisiana. So I hope you guys will go easy on me since I have never seen the anime Trigun let alone ever drawn a character from it. Okay... that's about it. No wait... Ponder ummm, yeah... that's it...

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this is so cool! ^_^ I'm loving the way you drawn the hair, it looks fluffier then normal and thats always a good thing xD

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Ok damn this is soooo good that it's far above awesome...

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YAY!! IT'S VASH!!!! Woopeee! Hehe, draw Wolfwood next, and it'll make my week Laughing
You did such a great job. You're such a versatile artist; you can draw anime like nobody's business, and your realism is equally amazing. I'm so jealous Wink

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Oh dear...Vash the stampede! I love this guy, hes so funny. Very good job on him Kristy!Its very anime like! Love it! Mwah to you

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Well it is a grate way to thank him Kristy. Nice job!!!

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Yes yes Kristina! This looks very good. Your coloring looks absolutely clean really makes him pop! And there's no denying that's Vash; he's got that goofy smile going, but there's a fierceness hidden just beneath the surface...For not having seen the show, you've rendered him quite amazingly!

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YAAA, my extra favorite Tri-gun character Corky Smile THANKYOU Kristy Corky Smile *glomps* I LOVE the Vash you've drawn, the glasses look el-coolio, and the hair is as bright as ever, and that debonair look upon his face is SO awesome hehe. Thanks so much for doing this for me, it was a nice thought indeed Corky Smile He's goin to me favorites of course, who would deny Vashy that? XD, nice work on him, he looks Cool as all hehe.

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Holy shit!! Omg I love this one Kristy!! Nice job girly! I love this...the hair is a bit to long but ...that doesn't matter because he look just like himself wow! Nice job hun great job! Smile


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