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Tags: anger, rage, anime, blood, sesshoumaru, psycho


Completed: Aug 14, 2005

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Yeah, that's me. With Sesshou's stripes and blood spattered in the background. The socks are messed up, but I generally like this piece.

I was talking to a friend who had just discovered some of her art had been stolen. By another of our friends. (WTF?! How stupid can you be?) So I got up and drove over to his house and pretty much just invited myself in.

I proceeded to scream at him and rant and rave. In an attempt to make a joke out of everything, he says "Wow, you're like Sesshoumaru when you're pissed." So I broke out my purple eye shadow and painted Sesshou stripes on my cheeks. I snarled some more and then left. He's a jerk.

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me too i hate art theives

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After I finished playing poker with Satan last week, I actually asked him where art thieves go after they die.
(They actually get their ears repeatedly cut off by Van Gogh!)

Great work on this! HILARIOUS!

The greatest story ever written.




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Hahaha, awesome

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Lmao! I've never stolen anyone's or have seen anyone steal someone else's but hey, I'd probably look just as mad if it happened. Laughing

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Love the blood spatter (naturally) and the facial expression. Art theives suck, and the one you mentioned sounds like a major idiot. Annoyed Good picture, though! Thumbs Up

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I so love and agree with this! I love it love it! Very good! It just bugs the crap outta me when people steal other peoples work. I love how you freaked out on the guy. I would have done the same thing. Very nice.

p.s. I think the socks look great! Wink

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awesome! the pic and the story! great job, plagerists are so stupid- this one sounds dumber than most

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Hehe, EBS! You're so funny! I think tghis should deter any potential art thieves hahaha! lol. Oh, you're scary Saiko! ^_^ Hmm... what kind of brushes are these?

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OMG! "I eat art theives" This is HILARIOUS!!! hahaha! I love it! I love all the blood, and the smeared hand prints down the wall like someone was trying to get away. I wholeheartedly agree with you, art theives deserve their very own reserved circle in hell. GREAT job!! Laughing Big Smile

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