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Tags: dress, night, moonless age, reina, contest, sky


Completed: Sep 28, 2005

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I think I've completely destroyed my hand thanks to that metalic dress. That thing was a pain to do. Lots of brush mode changing and layer hopping.

So, this is my second submission for FAC's One Word Contenst (getting it in JUST under the gun--it closes in a few days, lol). This pic's word is "Moon."

Reina is the moon because the moon is cold and aloof. It hides itself during the day, waiting until the night when the sun can't outshine it. It feeds on the sun's light, reflecting a pale light back. The moon is alone around the Earth, with no one near it. Likewise, Reina is often cold and aloof. She reflects people's happiness back upon them through herself, never really feeling it. She has no one she is close to, except Armande, but that is more necessity than want.

God, she's too much like me. Which is probably why I stole her name and everyone calls me that now. What?

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I love the metallic dress!! The moon is wonderful too, I like the lights. Smile Well drawn. ^-^


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hey, did you have a picture as a reference from that anime 'sailor moon'? I remember seeing a pose EXACTLY like this one, moon and everything...

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Oh gosh this is beautiful! I'll fav it!

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I've stolen my cartoon's nickname too! Laughing Besides that, I think this picture was realli well done, and the metallic dress is amazing. The bottom part of the dress seems flat in comparison to the rest of it tho. Everything else is perfect. Great job.

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This is beautiful! You did an oustanding job on the dress. Smile

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Oh my gosh I love this. I love the concept of having the lights stream across the crescent. I think you did a beautiful job on this and I wonder why I didn't see this one before! The streaks and stars are a really nice design element too. Wow this is just so impressive.


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the effort was worth it, her dress is sooo pretty! Yes

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