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A werewolf doll I made for a Monster-themed craft swap. I made the pattern for her, and she is completely handsewn out of fake fur, a little fleece and some polymer clay for the face and claws. She was about 9"/23cm tall.

Her face is sculpted and painted to add texture and detail. The eyes are translucent glass marbles and are backed with glow in the dark clay (they glow quite brightly, in fact!). Her claws are made of flexible-cure clay so as to be break-resistant. The face is both sewed and glued onto the fabric - it's not coming off without destroying her!
Her mohawk was originally white fur, coloured with permanent markers, so it has white roots. 
Pawpads are fleece, with needlesculpted toes. She had a bit of plastic beans in her paws and bum to add some weight.

There was a few problems with this: The legs are splayed a bit too far out, one arm is crooked, and the arms don't hang at the sides as I would have liked. These are also problems I could have solved by making a prototype from the pattern first. Live and learn.

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