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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work Gothic

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Completed: Oct 8, 2005

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Elite Saiyajin Jenny

Funny story behind this one. You know the line I do with Vegeta as a rock star, so I can't help myself and I do another one. But I pictured him singing to Rammstein, Hallelujah. He bribes Trunks (whom I always imagined was forced to take choir lessons by Bulma) to do the boy voice in the song. If you haven't heard it, you probably have no idea what's going on. That's okay, just appreciate it for what little you may understand...and go listen to the song, it rocks. Paint Shop Pro 9. Hope you like. ^_^

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this is really good, i love the lighting

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Gods, Bejita-sama has a great ass... Heart

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O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O!
wow.... This is FREAKIN` AWESOME!!!!!! *hugs* You are a great artist!! Keep up the good stuf comin`!! Wink

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ok. #1) i love the lighting on trunks #2) i still love vegeta's tatoo and his pants and finally #3) the song is about a priest molesting a little boy...is there some secret message you're trying to send?.....

awesome job tho ^_^

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