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Fullview, please!

Constructive critique is very welcome.

Note the word constructive. If you don't like one or more of the characters/pairings/whatever featured then that's okay with me but I'd prefer it if you kept your comments focused on the quality of the art (or lack thereof ^^; ) rather than the subject matter. Thanks. Smile

Finally, some art! Sorry about the image size; this was as small as I could make it without it becoming blurry.

This'll end up in my sketchbook sooner or later but I figured I might as well take the opportunity to get some constructive criticism first. I have a lot of nitpicks about these sketches (the biggest ones are: everyone's mouths are too far down their faces, Kagome and Sango need to look a bit younger and I *really* need more practice at drawing hair) but feel free to point out anything that could be improved.

Personally, I like all four of these ladies (to varying degrees). I think Kagura turned out the best here. Of course, YMMV.

Kagome, Kikyou, Sango and Kagura are (C) to Takahashi Rumiko, Viz, Sunrise, etc.


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'Realism' is a tricky one to give you advice on, hon. Could you tell me what you're going for here? A stylised realism? OR are you wanting accurate realism cause the two are quite different. Why I ask, is because actual realism is a style choice. To get a photo realistic style of drawing, you either need to draw primarily of a reference direct, or you need to have it as your primary art style. I say this because I have a hybrid style. When I copy from photograph, the realism freaks aren't so whiney at me, but my unreferenced art looks like manga to them. For instance- This is 100% referenced, and was aiming for photo accurate, but my unreferanced art has alot of proportion errors which are stylistic choices cause sometimes the illusion of accuracy is all I want.

If I know how realistic you're wanting this, it'll make my critique more relevant to you Smile

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