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Tags: dbz, dragonball z fanart, videl, broly


Completed: Oct 2, 2005

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True love. Everlasting love. Love through eternity. Always together.

Broly and Videl.

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Whoa. That is some seriously awesome stuff. Heavily manga influenced (which rocks) and the colours are just unreal!
Well done Smile

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Awww, that's cute and it's really pretty too. A 10 out of 10

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This one I had to comment on because it gorgeous. The background is brillant. The colors are mind-numbingly astounding. Fabulous work. Oh and Broli and Videl do look cute. I love the gold used for his hair, it makes him look almost angelic.

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i love it!!!!!!!!

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dude! this ice is totally awesome!

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I love this picture. The artwork is amazing! But most importantly it shows the civil side of Broly that most people don't see Grin

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This is absolutely incredible! Those colors are great. It has a very mystical feeling. Excellent job! Favorite Big Smile

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WOW!!! This is amazing!!


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You`re welcome!!! I said it once and I`ll say it again:
THIS PICTURE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There I said it! Heart
uv Ya!!*hugs* Heart

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wow... Blink
ROFL i bet you wish that Videl married Brolly instead of Gohan dont you? Big Smile thats a cute thought and a very well drawn pic.
I like it! Bounce

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