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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work General

Tags: goku, dragonballz, anime, saiyan


Completed: Oct 15, 2005

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The Ebony Phoenix

Goku being all suave with his CK type b&w and tie colouredness lol.
I had this pic on my comp for ages and finally coloured it a few days ago, Enjoyable Wink

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O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! *faints* Iy`s Goku!Yey! Bounce He looks sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! Come here sexy saiyan...*begins to chase Goku* OMG! This picture is soo beautiful!! The shading is great and the contrast between grey picture and the red tie makes this picture look very original!! Since I looove Goku so much,this picture has really made my day!!!! Thank You! Heart *hugs* You are a very talented artist!!!

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