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100 Theme Challenge: #8 out of 100: INNOCENCE

Innocence won my poll on DA. Now, I guess you can call this a spoiler for my story 'Eyes to Life'. This is really the only scene Shippo really gets the spotlight; he really is just more of a back character.

The girl and the demon behind InuYasha are technically my OC's, but they have no names and only get this one moment in the story. Yea, the girl is a cat demon, but what else does it matter. She's only seen once.  

This scene is just about Shippo. They're in a demon village and Sesshomaru had told InuYasha to stay put while he talked to other demon lords of the land. Of course, being a now daiyoukai, InuYasha is curious and starts to wander the village. Shippo separates himself from InuYasha and gets himself into trouble after he tried to help the demon girl after she stole meat from the shop keeper (the demon behind IY). That is what Shippo has in his hand, a piece of meat that he is offering her.

Enough spoiling, enjoy the art piece! 

All Brushes used can be found here: http://inuyashareader.deviantart.com/favourites/39769413

(c) Rumiko Takahashi

(c) InuYashaReader

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