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Tags: vegeta, dragonball z, dragon ball z, merman


Completed: Oct 26, 2005

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Anyway, mer-Veggie and mer-Goku ^_^ I wish I could have found a better way to integrate them into the background, I tried putting a nearly transparant blue over the top of them but it dulled their colours too much for my liking..

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The most original take on this mer-Saiyan thing EVER!!! Much better than just sticking a tail on them XP

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aww! this is so cute! I love Vegeta's face and hair and Goku
's silliness! lol great pic!

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Heheheheheh.....I wonder would trunks would look like as a merman.....You should start a series of mer-DBZ characters....This one is really good!

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I love it! awesome job! =D

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Awwwwww.....SO CUUUUUUTE!!!!Veggie looks sooo cuuuute and Goku is as kind as always!!! Great picture!!!!

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Interesting mix of fish and person. I love the fins they have all over their bodies, too.

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They are cute and beautyful! I like the mix of skin and scales!

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