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A pic I did of Gohan from Dragonball Z using a mechancal pencil (plus i used a normal one to shade the background). This was my first picture of him after not drawing any DBZ characters for about 5 years. It took a long time to do and is on A4 paper. Heheh it's now got its own frame aswell Big Smile What are peoples opinions?

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I recognize this piece from DA! This still remains one of my favorites. I LOVE how you did the motion of his ki... like, you can really feel that wind, and his hang looks so solid. His expression is so real. I totally don't want to mess with him : D

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OMG that is too aweosme!!! O.O! Whooooaaaaa! I wish i could be as good at drawing as you! Aw man the shadings amazing too!!!

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wow.....it makes my jaw drop. I can draw good, but not that good... Cry Laughing i love it!

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WOW!! O.O! O.O! Great copy!I love the expression !He looks so determined ancd....pissed off! Laughing

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Awesome work here Mazbourne! The shading, the drawing are perfect its very dragonball z. Now start on drawing Vegeta Wink Love it!

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Hey! this is good! The shading is done really well.

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Aw common Maz Bourne, you are too good to be doing copies. Wink
Not that this isn't a great copy. Actually it's probably the best pencil copy I've ever seen. But I think you are too good for posting copies.


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