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A bit spoilerish if you haven't played the game, I suppose. If you wanted to know what that's all about, let's just say in this game, you can bring back the dead through spirit mediums. The only problem is, all the mediums are girls.

I wonder who Edgeworth is more horrified at. His dad or von Karma. I hope I haven't horrified anyone else too much; I don't usually do this either.

This will probably end up being bonus artwork for the "Ask von Karma" compilation I'm doing. It's basically just a collection of the best ask von Karma letters from a spam thread over at PWMusical that got closed down. They were very amusing though. However, I'm also looking for other artists to contribute their work for that bonus section. If you're interested, take a look here:

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HAHAH! Fey should not summon men to their bodies XD Or maybe they should? XD Manfred though? Do you think he got a death sentence?

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