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Completed: Nov 14, 2005

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Got it finished after a couple of ice ages! Oh yeah!!

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Staggering attention to detail. Love the sense of depth and textures in this drawing. You certainly aren't afraid to lay on the graphite and lay it on heavy!
Fantastic work, man.

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WOW!!! Andy! You've definately outdone yourself with this one. You always seem to leave me gaping everytime you post a new piece. I definately am in awe and this is one for my fav list.

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wow Guestie! Your back with a vengeance! Great work, the sheer amount of detail is incredible! Your very talented man! AWESOME!

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Holy Sh!t this is awesome ...

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Oh. My. GOD. This is beyond spectacular! I just can't get over the amount of detail you put into this....its amazing! I love the detail of the wings on the demon, and the background with the castle and the statue is just great. I love the whole thing! The shading and detail in this is simply amazing, GREAT job! Big Smile

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Yay! you finished it with an awesome background I might add. Now this one is my new fav.

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WOW!!!!!! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! THIS ......IS...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!It`s like I`m looking into the picture in a book!!!Awesome work!!! I...I have no words to comment it properly......OH NOOOOO!!!! Laughing O.K. So this work is great!!!Oh,and I`m Saiyangirl,Hi Wave I`ve never met you before!You`re a great artist!Keep it up!

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Wow... Seems like that didn't take long. I just looked at the WIP yesterday. Am I so behind the times? *grin* Love the atmospheric perspective, Andy. It looks like a night scene, what with all the dark shading. I must say, though - I think the statue in the background Is my favourite part. You have the writing on the base, the cracks and veins in stone - everything adds up to make it complete.

It's all truly luverly, deah!

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ANDY!!! You are back!! woot! Wow! I love this...this is totally awesome great shading as always and ...this has earned its place in my favs! Awesomely done Guestie!


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Well done Andy! This drawing looks wonderful! ^_^ That background looks amazing with all of the castle ruins behind him. The perfect ending to a wonderful drawing. Holy crap! I didn't even notice the guy in the foreground! Laughing Awesome work! ^_^

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