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A drawing I did for fablespinner for forwarding on an awesome Guy Gardner figurine to me a while ago <3 Fable asked for a picture of Viking Sweden and Finland- I haven't seen much Hetalia, but hopefully I've come up with something the fans like Smile I know Dana liked it and that's what's important :3 I got to try out my new white paint pen too for the snow <3 Sadly though, this is a scan of a print out of the image T.T I didn't save the highres file before I sent it to America so... T.T Oh well, I'll make sure I don't screw it up next time Wink Thank you for sending me the figurine Dana! You're the best!  Innocent

Media- Copic marker on A5 bristol board.

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This is amazing! I love the coloring in this one. The snow effects definitely came out good. I like their faces too.


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