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Tags: faerie, fantasy, wings, fairy, watercolor, fae, fey


Completed: May 25, 2005

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One of three dangerous faeries, her sword of justice is merciless, avenging murder with murder.

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Lovely. I love the baroque flow & strength of design here. The colors are striking; neutrals with jewel tones are made of win.

Very beautiful work!

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I love how elegant she looks. Elegant, yet still merciless. The wings are very beautiful, and I like the choice of colour for this one as well.

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This one is definitely alluring. You have a wonderful eye for composition! The elements in this picture draw the eye everywhere! And all those tiny little details... Must have taken you some amount of patience. Wink

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WOW, how did I miss this?? She is awsome and I totally agree with the merciless justice!!! WELCOME TO PD!!!


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wow i like it ^^ special her wings *-* i love butterfly-stiled wings ^^

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Wow! O.O! O.O! O.O! O.O! THIS IS GREAT HUN! I love the piccy! It looks so ancient and so sacred!Like an ilustration in an ancient book! Awesome job!!!!! Keep it up! Heart

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Wow! Welcome to PD Destiney! This fairy is beautifully drawn! I love her! Nice work I can't wait to see more Smile


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Hi Destiney, welcome to Paper Demon Wave Great gesture in the faery. I also like how you've made her hands, feet, and ears blue. How did you come up with that idea?


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Wow! You are incredible! I love the colors. No, I really love the colors you used. Dang, people like you make me so jealous! I am so excited to see more from you!

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