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Crazy Taxi holds a very dear place in my heart. So many good memories with that series and with my beloved Dreamcast. I first played Crazy Taxi 3 when most of the fair-weather friends whom I'd played the first games with were gone from my life, and so it was something new with something beloved included, since it also had the drivers and cities from the first two games.

I found my PC copy of Crazy Taxi 3 today and I played, and brought back my memory, and it was so wonderful.

Angel is my favourite of all the cabbies. He's a cute Latino party boy! And this is pretty much exactly his look in the game. Everyone asking for appealing male characters showing as much skin, if not more, than the female ones should look at Crazy Taxi!

Ahh, Angelito <3 There needs to be more art of this cutie <3


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