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Playing through Dragon Age 2 with the expansion that includes the companion, Sebastian Vael- a super lovely archer, with a gorgeous scottish accent <3

My female Hawke character is currently romancing him, and he just proposed to her and it's all super sweet TuT Sebastian in the game bows to Hawke's pet Mabari hound (I named mine Pepe ^^ ), which I thought was really adorable cause I love my Pepe in the game so much, so I thought I'd draw a picture of the trio being a happy family <3

My Hawke in this game is a 2 handed weapon fighter, with an aggressive personality. It was really difficult keeping up the aggressive options around Sebastian cause he's so lovely. I like to think that he brings out the softer side of her Smile

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I admit...I was SUPER confused at first.
I saw two pairs of people legs but only one head xD (her hair was his ponytail somehow O_o) Now that I can see Hawke as well I can't un-see it and cannot explain how my brain could have messed up so badly Tongue

This is ridiculously cute though!
Everyone looks so happy ^_^
Your colouring is on point as well (as usual Tongue )

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<3 this is so sweet!
i like the pattern and colors of his jacket.

you drew the dog really well. i havent gotten the hang of animals yet.


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nice job Smile

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I did not realize until a second ago there are three things in this picture. All I was thinking was how I wish I could big my big dog up like that.

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Aww! So cute!~ Corky Smile

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