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Tags: inuyasha, sesshoumaru, suit


Completed: Nov 28, 2005

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This is my first time to ever draw Sessho... I just love him... So tell me what you think...

I know it's been a looooong time since i posted any pic... but hay i didn't have any scaner... so i'm back

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Very nice! ^ ~ I think his hair is a bit shorter, but you did a great job with his posture and everything. Long live InuYash (and Sessy) fanart!

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ok here i am! Smile Well...proportionally i think everything is fine. If you want tip on the coloring: for white hair dude, i always use gray, blue, and white for the hair. It make the hair shiny. I put the gray on the more shady part, if you use pastel, use a light gray and dont be afraid to put some pressure when you use it! Smile The white, well...everywhere else. To give a shiny look, light brush the blue pastel over the gray part of the hair. You can also brush the white over the gray/blue...but i suggest you try it on another paper to see if you like it. Hum, geeee, i'm not use to give this much tips... Smile About the rest, if you want to give more shade, if you make is pants,brown like on the pic, use two kind of brown, a deep one for the shade and a light one, that goes for every color who'd want to use...if it can help , take time to observe the colors of any anime drawing. I did help me a lot.

By the way. I do love this drawing. Personally i'd leave it like that...just draw another one (hint hint) you arts are very pretty Moonlight. Smile


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MMMMMM, Sesshy. I love him too Heart Grin


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