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I've been using FireAlpaca and Medibang for this drawing from my computer. I tried to figure it out to how to use Fire Alpaca and Medibang. It took me three or four days to finish this.   I admit that some of the lines are a little bit off, especially the cutie mark. I think cutie mark are the hardest part of this drawing. I can't make a perfect swirl in FireAlpaca and Medibang. But at least, I know how to make smooth lines in FireAlpaca and Medibang.    Even, I downloaded Screencast-o-matic to record my screen but I'm too lazy to make tutorial videos on YouTube. Maybe, I should make tutorial videos later.     By the way, I hope you like my art.

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I like how you did the eyes, hopefully you get more familiar with those two programs so you can finish things faster~

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