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Hah old joke is old as dust.

I drew this just for that joke, decided now would also be a good time to talk about my views on Valarie/Danny or Gray Ghost.
I rember the one thing in the show that always ticked me off was that Valarie never found out about the phantom/fenton connection and that was angering. as far as thier relationship went I liked the build up and the slow burn tenstion they had, But would they make a good couple?

I never thought so. For one prior to Val losing everything she was just as bad as paulina when it came to being a rich snob and having the football players go after him, and while yes she gets to know him and that changes, it really doesn't she just takes that out on phantom whom as well all know is fenton. I always wanted a big revel that fenton was phantom and how she would take it I always figured she'd hate him more for keeping this from her but later on soften up but I couldn't see it working out then and there in cannon.

Drew this from: http://ladykatharos.deviantart.com/art/DP-Couple-Base-3-293556381

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