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Hajime from Skillshotlabs‘ awesome app game Notice Me Senpai had a birthday on the 26th of November, and birthday or not, I REALLY wanted to draw one of my favourite senpai’s with his favourite cafe item- the Japanese Taiko drum.

Had to do a bit of research to find some good references of the drum, and I fought to get his contagious smile the way I like it, but I made it!

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He is beautifully sexy Heart

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Oh YUMMY! Heart

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OMG this is amazing. Arkillian you have gotten so good.

PaperDemon.com Admin - bogusred@paperdemon.com

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He's not a bad looking guy, that's for sure! Great job with his hair, it looks really smooth. The drum certainly benefited from the research~

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Ah! Shiny cute muscular human!

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