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Completed: May 6, 2017

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I'm redesigning my blog,, and I'm adding a nice illustration in the header. Here's my rough sketch for it. I wanted to do something asymetrical kind of like this site design. If anyone has feedback on this, it would be much appreciated Big Smile

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I like your design- nice drama to it - and the way it leads you into the image.

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I think your grayscale scenery skills are pretty awesome. You managed to put a LOT of depth into this picture, and really gave the impression of a deep forest without actually drawing a ton of trees. I love the effect, and your use of contrast to emphasize the depth.

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The asymmetric look is very appealing, the curling plants add a nice whimsy feel to it. The stark white bit at the front is a bit jarring, but I take it that it's going to be colored in? Which would be a plus in my opinion. The trees and branches are done really well, you structured them well (it's a thing I have difficulty with myself, so you have my bit of admiration there!), and they aren't placed very closely, which keeps the piece from getting claustrophobic and helps maintain the open feeling of the whimsicalness. It might be just me, but I think it would help if you added something else to it, like maybe a bee or some small animal? I dunno, it just feels a little empty I suppose, but then again it might just be me.

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I like it. ^_^ Nice perspective looking back through the forest, and the zig-zag edge makes me think of a torn page, which is probably good for a writing background.

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