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Note: Old work from 2014

I was going to add some sort of background to this, but it sat in my sketchbook at this point for a couple weeks and I figured if I don't post it now, I'll probably never get around to it at all. Inked in a micron technical pen, colored with prismacolor (and a few copic) markers. 

Sydny and Ammethus! My WoW human shadow priest and my husband's blood elf arcane mage. Possibly the cutest couple I've ever RPed on Warcraft. Ammethus is all meek and shy and studious and afraid of his own shadow and Sydny's all gruff and grumpy and socially awkward. XD

Also, my cat likes to sleep on my scanner, which I keep covered with a blanket. He absolutely did not know what to make of his "bed" making funny noises and flashing lights. Have you ever seen a cat stare accusingly at a scanner? It's funny.

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They do make a cute couple. ^_^
And your cat sounds hilarious.
(Nice to see you here.)

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