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My little Rift necromancer, Malley. This was just a brief scene in a recent RP. I was lazy with the background, and rather than draw the iron bars she was supposed to be leaning against, I just sort of "suggested" them. The hand holding the apple turned out well enough, but her other hand (the one that should have been easier to draw) looks stupid. Oh, well. Since it was just a "me" doodle, I guess I'm not too worried.

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Hands are hard and it just takes practice. Even drawing a drawing that you aren't pleased with is still progress.

One of my art teachers used to say we're all born with 10,000 bad drawings inside of us. So when you aren't satisfied with your work just say it's one of those 10,000 you're getting rid of.

If it's helpful, here's a tutorial on drawing hands

And some reference imagery for hands:


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That angle of the left hand is tricky for sure, but you handled the rest of her position well. The outfit looks good on her, the colors compliment her hair.

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