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Completed: Dec 6, 2005

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The stranger comes to close to the Elves village and is greeted by an angry Fawn and a keen eyed Elf knocking and arrow to his bow. The Stranger explains to them uneasily that he is no threat and he has come only to share his stories with the people of this land. The owl atop the strangers' head hoots in agreement and the mouse and faery have tea at his feet and prepare for a tale.

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wow, the details are extravagant and waaaaaaaay awesome.


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awesome pic!

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Sweet! It's finished! And great job on it too! It kinda reminds me of a stained glass window for some reason.

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He comes in peace... really awesome detail on this one Zac. And quite a wonderful description you give us of the scene. There are so many tiny little details to notice like the little gnome above the fawn's head and whatnot. I really like the thick dark outlines you put around the characters of main importance. And the rest you just have to seek out in your picture. Beautiful. Yes

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